Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get out of my bar!

by Dan Smith, m!x by Good Gracious!

86'd. Barred. Just plain asked to leave.

There are plenty of ways to lose favour at your local drinking establishment. You can start a fight, have a few too many, or make unwanted advances at a waitress to name a few.

Another way is to become old, boring, outdated, or last year's rage. Well those aren't ways that people get 86'd... but for bar products it's a sure way to end up down the drain!

Thankfully, cocktail culture is at an all time high in terms of sophistication. It's so much easier to find a quality cocktail! If you are in the industry, take a look at your inventory and promise your customers that you will serve them the best ingredients available.

Here is my list of what should be "Barred from the bar."
Any kind of SCHNAPPS. Sweet and artificial. Two words you don't want associated with your drinks!

Unnatural VODKA FLAVORS. Whipped cream, marshmallow, cheesecake. It sounds like vodka is now being marketed in kindergarten, doesn't it?

Bottled and canned JUICES. Everyone knows that fresh tastes best!

And yes, that includes ROSES LIME JUICE. The smell of this makes my think of Kamikazes at the frat house. Squeeze some limes right at the bar for the best flavor! Or if you really need a sweet-tart lime cordial like Roses... I'll send you my recipe!

You don't need COCKTAIL MIXES! Recipes and fresh ingredients are plentiful!

CHEAP WINES can make a special event less than special! Of course people are often looking for the best price... but you don't need to reach all the way down to 2-Buck-Chuck!

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